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Enkel Demi "Let's ignite hope!"

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"Let's ignite hope!"

A real conversation happened between the journalist and writer Enkel Demi (Tom Kuka) and the students of Western Balkans University.

Mr. Demi spoke about the importance of "Western Balkans" university for current and potential students.

He shared with the students his personal experiences, his work as a journalist and writer, the importance of a positive approach and recognition of reality along with the challenges he has, and the need to be the main character in the dream change.

Recently speaking about the models presented to the public Mr. Demi said that everyone is free and has the right to choose whomever they want as their own model; it is important that the models that are presented to the general public are not outside the norms and standards of legality.
He invited the students to do their best in conveying quality and selecting it.