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The Education Practice -Integrated Curriculum (EPIC) project is a project that fits WBU vision in the best way.

Western Balkans University aims to be a fourth-generation university. In addition to quality education, in-depth scientific research, and fruitful use of acquired knowledge; the university is committed to be a proactive part of economic development in the country and beyond. The Education Practice -Integrated Curriculum (EPIC) project is a project that fits this vision in the best way.

Education Practice -Integrated Curriculum (EPIC) is the most important project of the Western Balkans University, dedicated to the highest quality shaping of its students. Through this project, in addition to academic training in the university's auditoriums, Western Balkans University students will have the opportunity to perform professional internships in various companies collaborating with the university.

Creating a new model of education in higher education in cooperation with the most prestigious private hospitals in the country entitled “EPIC” (Education-Practice Integrated Curriculum).

Western Balkans University students with an average higher than 7 (seven) studying in one of the following programs may benefit from being part of the EPIC project:

Work Experience
Active work practice starting in the first semester of the first year of study. The program aims to gain from a student a work experience of 20 hours per week starting in the first semester of Bachelor studies.
Employment guarantee
Graduates of Western Balkans University through the program can be employed at WBU partner's institutions where they have developed paid internships over three years.

The Epic Project Office has a very important role in coordinating all the processes and procedures of this project. The office makes contacts with the institutions where the project will be carried out, organizes the application process of students, the collection of documentation, the organization of interviews of applicants, etc. The office also cooperates with the relevant departments in sharing information about the progress of internships and enabling communication between institutions.

Student selection process in the "EPIC" Project

All the first-year students with a grade point average above 7 (seven) in the Bachelor programs in the list above can apply for internships paid under the “EPIC” project. Interested students should have excellent academic performance, good communication skills, good knowledge of English, organizational skills, interpersonal and group work competencies, participation in extracurricular activities and university student life. To ensure the success of this project, students are selected through a careful process, which consists of two stages: application and interview.

The Application Process



Students will apply by completing the application form with their details such as: motivation letter, high school grade scores and certificates of achievement or extracurricular engagements they have had.



After the application file is reviewed by the “WBU” Commission as well as by a partner company's representative, then the shortlisted candidates are called for an interview, where students have the chance to express once again their motivations and commitment to become part of the “EPIC” project.

“EPIC” Project Results

  • Academic training combined with practical vocational training of Western Balkans University students
  • Practical training of students who also possess internship status
  • Professional adaptation to the demands of the labor market throughout the study period
  • Close partnership between academia and the market as well as exchange of professional experience