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Western Balkans University every new academic year accepts foreigner students who can follow the regular registration procedure. Foreign applicants can apply to be accepted in all University study programs. Each international candidate must meet all accession criteria, procedures and registration documents which are expressed as below.

Admission quotas for international students are limited as they depend on the approval made by the Ministry of Education and Sport each academic year.

Admission Criteria

GPA Criteria


They must have a general high school average of at least 7 (seven) out of 10 (ten) or equal to it.

English Criteria

English Level

They must present evidence of English language recognition at the "B1" level according to CEFR in one of the following exams: Cambridge, TOEFL Paper-based, TOEFL Internet-based, IELTS, TOEIC, APTIS.In cases where the student has completed his studies at a high school where teaching is conducted entirely in English, he is exempt from the obligation to present this document.

Enrollment Procedure


Candidates apply on their own or through an authorized person at the Educational Services Center to benefit from the equivalent of the high school diploma as well as the list of grades.


The ad-hoc commission of the Educational Services Center announces the results of the application for the equivalent of the high school diploma and the list of grades.


The candidate applies to the Admissions Office at the Western Balkans university with the above documents.


The university announces the list of applicant winners for each study program.


Candidates conduct the final registration in the study program where they are declared winners by handing over registration documents themselves or through an authorized person.

Tuition Fees for International Students

Study Program Tuition Cost / yearly
Integrated Second Cycle in Dentistry (5 years) 7500€
Integrated Second Cycle Program, Master of Science in Medicine (6 years) 11.500€
Bachelor in Dental Technician 3000€
Bachelor in Nursing 3000€
Bachelor in Midwifery 3000€
Bachelor in Imaging Technician 3000€
Bachelor in Physiotherapy 3000€
Bachelor in Laboratory Technician 3000€
Master of Science in Nursing (Profiles in: Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Intensive Care, Emergency) 4000€
Bachelor in Health Care Management 4000€
Bachelor in Biotechnology 4000€
Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering 4000€
Bachelor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence 4000€
Bachelor in Finance and Technology 4000€
Bachelor in Business and Technology 4000€
Bachelor in Economics and Data Science 4000€
Bachelor in Software Engineering 4000€
Bachelor in Cyber Security 4000€
Master of Science in Hospital Management 4000€
Master of Science in Nanotechnology 4000€

Enrollment Documents

All students must submit the following documents in person or through an authorized person to complete the final registration at the University.

  • Notarized photocopies of the High School Diploma along with the list of apostille seal notes translated into Albanian
  • Notarized photocopies of the Diploma Equivalence along with the list of grades translated into Albanian
  • Photocopies of passport
  • English Certificate
  • 2 Photos
  • Notarized photocopy of residence permit
  • Application fee - 500€ (Non refundable)

Where to submit necessary documents?

Interested students can fill the application form, but the documents should also must be physically admitted in the Admission Office at the moment of registration.

Admissions Office
Phone: +355 67 60 20 600
Email: [email protected]