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Western Balkans University, located in Tirana, is a distinguished higher education institution that places a unique emphasis on academic excellence in the fields of Medicine, Medical Sciences, Technology, Economy, and Innovation. Western Balkans University is organized and operates as a private university, of academic and scientific character, offering first, second and third cycle study programs.

The university is established under the special framework cooperation between “American Hospitals Group” and “International Hospital Hygeia”. The close partnership with these two hospital groups is the strongest indicator of the guarantee of success that this institution expects to achieve in the near future. The WBU aims to be among the leading universities in southeast Europe and to attract the best students by offering them all the facilities to be ready for the international labor market.

Academic Institutions

Western Balkans University proudly nurtures a global network of academic partnerships, collaborating with esteemed institutions worldwide. This dynamic engagement spans renowned universities, research entities, and industry leaders, fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and resources. These international connections enhance the academic experience, offering diverse opportunities such as joint research initiatives and student exchange programs. Committed to academic excellence, Western Balkans University's collaborations ensure a forward-looking curriculum that addresses global challenges and prepares students for success in an interconnected world.

Partners from Industry and Business Community

Western Balkans University has established robust partnerships with industry leaders in Albania and the region, including being a proud member of the "American Hospitals" Group. These collaborations bridge the gap between academia and practical applications, fostering innovation and relevance in our programs.

Western Balkans University proudly participates in various international organizations, contributing to a global network of educational excellence and cross-cultural collaboration.