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Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is a collegial decision-making body of the university. It determines the development policies of the institution, programs, coordinates, directs and creates mechanisms for controlling teaching and scientific research activities and evaluates their efficiency as well as decides on the most important educational and scientific problems of the institution.The members of the Senate represent the teaching and scientific staff of the University and must have a scientific title. The Senate consists of the Rector as chairman, the Vice-Rectors, the Deans of each Faculty, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Student Council as well as other members who are elected by the academic assemblies of the main units of the university.

The Academic Senate has several functions and duties which are:

  1. Guarantees respect for the principles of autonomy, academic and research freedom, equal opportunities, as well as students' rights
  2. Evaluates and conveys to the Board of Administration for the approval of new programs of study, research and development, changes in existing programs and the opening, closing or merger of the main and basic units of the university
  3. Presents to the Board of Administration recommendations for projects, programs of studies and scientific research, as well as for the necessary structural changes from an academic point of view for their realization
  4. Makes a request to ASCAL for quality assessment and accreditation of study programs
  5. Proposes to the Board of Administration for approval the Statute and Basic Regulations of the University and all changes related to legal acts in accordance with the laws in force
  6. Select the members of the Ethics Council
  7. Monitors, evaluates, ensures and is responsible for ensuring the academic quality of the institution, in accordance with contemporary standards
  8. Evaluates the teaching-research activity of the academic staff

Senate Members

Title Name Surname Role
Prof. Dr. Evis Sala Chairwoman
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Albana Halili Vice Chairwoman
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shpresa Temali Member
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Astrit Hoxha Member
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatbardha Kadiu Member
Dr. Irma Gjana Member
Dr. Ermira Hodo Member
Dr. Rezalda Shehi Member
Dr. Edlira Aruci Member
Dr. Indrit Temali Member
Dr. Idaver Sherifi Member
Mr. Klejdi Zuna Member
Mr. Franci Brahollari Member