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Western Balkans University works to provide multidimensional education to students, to think clearly, judge objectively and contribute constructively to society. The University aims to achieve students and academic staff across borders so that while educating, it enriches the experiences of students and staff.
All curricula of study programs offered by WBU commits to:

  • Achievement of the highest academic standards;
  • The absorption of students whose skills and aspirations match the available curricula;
  • Meeting the needs of the diverse student community;
  • Providing the necessary facilities, library and teaching aids;
  • Recognizing, supporting and promoting excellence and providing opportunities for its development;
  • Continuing to attract students from different geographies;
  • Enriching the student experience by cooperating and assisting them in achieving educational goals as a plan for further professional develoment, and their physical and psychological well-being.


Western Balkans University will promote quality research. The University is committed to:

  • Providing a suitable environment for research;
  • Focus on research, publication and professional contributions of academic and student staff;
  • Capacity building to respond to new areas of research after their presentation;
  • Seeking national and international evaluations from institutions in the field of quality in higher education;
  • Collaboration with other universities, with the public and private sectors and government institutions, to achieve the objectives of research.


The university is a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship for the country. Utilizing academic research and innovative technologies, in close partnership with businesses and private and public institutions, the university aims to become a valuable source of opportunities for society in the fields of education, health and economics.
The University commits of:

  • Preparing individuals who are aware and willing to be responsible profes- sionals, for the benefit of individual and collective well-being;
  • Promoting a healthy environment by contributing to the improvement of personal and social life, increasing the opportunity for employment and civic participation;
  • Organizing student campaigns and activities, to increase health, economic and innovative awareness for the benefit of the individual and society;
  • Supporting, improving and developing projects aimed at the common good in the country;
  • Attracting talent from around the world and building bridges of cooperation by turning the institution into a catalyst for health, economic and innovative well-being.