Faculty of Dental Medicine

Faculty of Dental Medicine

The Faculty of Dental Medicine is a world-class oral health center committed to the promotion of oral health through excellence of its teaching and learning, service rendering, community engagement and research. The Faculty of Dental Medicine is composed of three units: Department of Dentistry, Department of Basic Sciences and Research Center for Quality and Safety of Oral Healthcare.


The vision of our faculty is to improve oral health by advancing dentistry through technology, innovation and excellence.


Our mission is to provide a unique and diverse range of community and hospital settings in which students learn and hone their clinical skills, providing needed oral health care to the surrounding communities.


We have a number of values ​​as a faculty, among which we mention:
  • Whose combined clinical, academic and scientific work consistently places us as one of the best dental schools in Albania and in the region
  • Providing accurate information to dental students about innovative techniques of the dental profession
  • Promotion of quality and safety in oral health care
  • Engagement of our students in social work, philanthropy and various activities that are carried out on campus

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Faculty of Dental Medicine

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Research Center for Quality and Safety of Oral Health Care