Rectorate | Western Balkans University


The Rectorate of the University is a collegial executive body, consisting of the Rector, Deputy Rector/s, Faculty Deans, University Administrator and the Dean of Students. The Rector convenes the first meeting of the Rectorate, and other meetings, are either convened by the Rector or by at least two Rectorate members. The Rectorate is chaired by the Rector and conducts meetings periodically and extraordinary.

Functions and duties of the Rectorate

The functions of the Rectorate are as follows:

  1. Drafts the strategic development plan of the University, based on the proposal of the basic unit, main unit and administrators
  2. Monitors the implementation of the strategic plan after approval by the Academic Senate
  3. Makes recommendations before the Academic Senate on the structural changes necessary for the realization of the study programs and research projects
  4. Prepares the detailed annual report on the activities of the institution, which is approved by the Board of Administration and the Academic Senate
  5. Monitors and publishes the evaluation results of the activities of the University
  6. Cooperates with the administrator on the drafting the draft-budget to be submitted for approval to the Board of Administration
  7. Follows the implementation of the decisions adopted by the Academic Senate and Board of Administration


The Rector of WBU is the academic head of the University and in this role chairs the Senate, the highest academic body of the university. The Rector holds all the authority required to fulfill this role in accordance with the University Constitution and General Statutes, as well as the Academic Statutes.

Rectorate Members

Title Name Surname Role
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Albana Halili Member
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shpresa Temali Member
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Astrit Hoxhaj Member
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatbardha Kadiu Member
Dr. Nertil Bërdufi Member
Dr. Irma Gjana Member
Msc. Haxhere Hasa Member
Msc. Jerina Kume Member
Msc. Oltjan Hamza Member