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Department of Basic Sciences

Department members achieve their goal by providing students with intellectually stimulating and effective instruction. This department strives to achieve a high-quality education where its goal is to make graduates capable of taking up challenging careers in various fields and improving scientific research capacities in the country.

The mission of the Department of Basic Sciences is to provide programs and services which are relevant and responsive to the need’s community. The Department aims to develop lifelong learners, as well as global, culturally sensitive citizens. As well, our department offers a stimulating and intellectually rewarding experience for enrolled students.

The Department of Basic Sciences combines excellence in basic sciences with medical research and training, both under the respective tutelage of faculty members. In a supportive environment where students have access to the latest laboratory equipment, the department provides graduate students with an ideal atmosphere for conducting original research. All faculty teaching in the department is actively engaged in research, many involved in a variety of projects.

Study Programs

Dr. Ermira Hodo
Head of Department

+355 67 605 5600

[email protected]

Mon – Fri 8:30A.M. – 16:30P.M.