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It’s OK not to be OK - "Invited Talks- Think Big!"

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In the last meeting of the series "Invited Talks- Think Big!" organized by the Dean of Students, the guest speaker of this event was Mrs.Blerta Bodinaku Ph.D., psychologist and psychotherapist. 

The topic of this interactive discussion was titled “It’s OK not to be OK” and it was focused on youth mental health issues.
During this meeting, they talked about the recognition and acceptance of the issues regarding mental health like anxiety, stress, depression, etc, and the ways to get out of them. 

They talked that being aware of the problem and seeking help is the best thing to do in order to achieve full health. Everyone can get sick physically and mentally, and in both cases, he/she needs the assistance of specialists to achieve the best quality of life.

The discussion was followed by a question-answer session where students of Western Balkans University had the opportunity to express their opinions and share their problems regarding the topic. 

Students learned more and became aware of the importance of mental health as part of overall health.
Mental health is a basic human right because it includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being affects how we think, feel, and act.