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"Becoming a scientist? You can!" by Prof. Taulant Muka

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11/05/2023 13:00 WBU, Conference Hall

"Becoming a scientist? You can!" is the open lecture addressed by Prof. Taulant Muka, who is invited to talk to #WBU students about his experiences and challenges during his scientific journey.

Prof. Taulant Muka MD, MPH, Ph.D., PD is currently the Chief Scientific Officer at Epistudia, an online platform specializing in medical research training and evidence generation. With his research and work experience in esteemed institutions such as Erasmus University, Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford, and the University of Bern, Prof. Muka has gained expertise in integrating knowledge from various disciplines and methodologies such as epidemiology, population-based studies, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses, nutrition, epigenetics, sex-differences, reproductive health, cardiometabolic disease, and the pharmaceutical industry. 

Over the course of his career, he has authored more than 140 peer-reviewed articles (with an H-index of 46 on Google Scholar), co-authored three books on epigenetics published by Elsevier, and mentored over 50 MSc, MD, or Ph.D. students. Additionally, his scientific work has been highlighted in reputable news outlets like the BBC, CNN, Reuters, the Times of London, and the New York Times.