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We are thrilled to announce the open call for internal project proposals at Western Balkans University (WBU). As a university driven by research, we invite all academic staff members to submit project proposals that align with WBU's vision and mission, showcasing the potential for a positive impact.

Through this opportunity, we aim to cultivate creativity, collaboration, and innovation among our esteemed team members and drive innovation across various fields within our university.

We encourage every team member to participate actively! Your innovative ideas and expertise are crucial in driving progress and making a meaningful impact within our university. 


This initiative aims to support cutting-edge research projects that align with the university's mission to advance knowledge and contribute to societal development. 


Open to all disciplines, proposals should focus on innovative research and interdisciplinary collaborations are encouraged. 


📝 Project Application Form: Complete the form to outline your project and submit it to the following email address.
📝 Budget Project Proposal: Complete the detailed budget form for your proposed project and submit it to the following email address.

Application Form

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Budget Form

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