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Department of Economic Sciences and Finance

The Department of Economic Sciences and Finance is an exciting place- a world of thought where interesting problems are tackled with clarity, dialogue and creativity. 

The objective of the Department is to invest in research, educational programs, and professional training in these fields. The Department promotes both economic theory and its practical application to the financial markets.

Our students are motivated to prepare for careers working in international financial firms, national corporations and consulting firms. The Department of Economic Sciences and Finance is a prime center for education, scholarship and research in the field of economics. 
The teaching follows the Bologna education model, allowing our students to gain a solid grounding in economics, finance and health care management.

This department offers a unique approach to financial and economic education. In an interdisciplinary setting, courses cover microeconomics and macroeconomics, money and banking, international finance, investments, labor and public economics, managerial economics, game theory and industrial organization, financial instruments analysis, valuation of financial, risk management, health care management, portfolio management etc.

Dr. Idaver Sherifi
Head of Department

+355 69 581 3377

[email protected]

Mon – Fri 8:30A.M. – 16:30P.M.